Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Nerve Pain?

by Nov 18, 2021

Many people have praised apple cider vinegar for its ability to kill lice, boost metabolism, and cure hemorrhoids- but it won’t assist with those irritating bumps (according to On Health).

One of the most popular reasons for consuming apple cider vinegar on a daily basis is to help reduce weight, although this is only true to a certain degree. When it comes to eradicating lice, however, you might want to avoid apple cider vinegar and visit your doctor or pharmacist instead.

While some people swear by the store-bought vinegar for many ailments, science says it can only help with a few.

The apple tincture has been used for hundreds of years, particularly to treat sore throats and illnesses, according to the Cleveland Clinic. While the vinegar-honey combination might assist with throat soothing, there isn’t enough evidence to back those claims.

Is it true that apple cider vinegar may help with nerve pain, as the WebMD article indicates? According to WebMD, 20 million Americans experience nerve pain on a daily basis.

Is apple cider vinegar good for damaged nerves?

Yes. Apple cider vinegar can help with neuropathy pain. One of the most effective home cures for neuropathy is apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Neuropathy

According to a Medical News Today article, apple cider vinegar’s therapeutic benefits extend back many centuries. In reality, the invention of apple cider vinegar can be traced all the way back to its beginnings.

Many people and cultures believe it has healing properties, and it is frequently used in home cures. Aside from nerve pain, apple cider vinegar is used to treat conditions including:

  • Arthritis
  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Soreness

What are the characteristics of apple cider vinegar that allow it to be so effective in healing? If you’re stranded at home without access to your doctor right away, you might be interested in learning more about the properties of apple cider vinegar for neuropathy on your own.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Active Ingredients

What exactly is it about apple cider vinegar that makes it so effective in alleviating nerve pain? This vinegar contains a number of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which are natural anti-inflammatories

There are a variety of different minerals that may be found in numerous foods, especially healthy meals, but there’s a big distinction when they’re utilized in large amounts. Apple cider vinegar can really reduce the swelling caused by nerve pain.

It is not a cure, but it can definitely relieve pain when you’re in tough situations.

It can relieve pain when things are difficult, but it’s not a cure.

Although there are a number of treatments, some people with arthritis can’t get relief from them.

First, what is peripheral neuropathy?

The peripheral nerves inform your body when the hands are chilly, for example. It might cause tingling, pricking, numbness, and muscular weakness in various regions of the body.

Peripheral neuropathy may damage a variety of nerves in different ways, so that it affects many areas in numerous ways. It is possible that it will affect one nerve or many nerves at the same time.

The condition is also linked to a variety of underlying medical problems. Sometimes no obvious cause can be found.

Apple Cider Vinegar for the Treatment of Neuropathy Symptoms

You might use apple cider to treat the effects of neuropathy or nerve damage. Some clinics and hospitals do recommend the vinegar, so there’s no harm in giving it a try.

Help in Neuralgia

Apple cider vinegar can aid in the treatment of neuralgia, according to some sources. It’s a type of nerve pain that comes from a damaged or irritated nerve and travels along the nerve’s route.

Apple cider vinegar may help you feel better, but it won’t cure your problem.

The vinegar’s antioxidants may eliminate toxins that are producing the pain. You might call it a detoxification effect, which relieves pain for a short time.

The vinegar’s acids may also help with nerve pain. Potassium in particular has shown to be helpful in reducing nerve discomfort. Those who have low potassium levels are more prone to having weak nerve signals, resulting in tingling or numbness.

Having plenty of potassium might help to cure nerve problems and alleviate neuropathy symptoms.

Improve Nerve Functions

Potassium and salt are necessary for our nerves to function as intended. The two salts, along with potassium and sodium, contribute to the maintenance of a healthy communication system in our peripheral nervous system.

In reality, potassium deficiency will cause your nervous system to lose all of its electrical activity. It will just stop.

This is where apple cider vinegar comes in. Because the vinegar contains potassium and sodium, it might be beneficial to one’s nervous system.

As a result, you will experience some alleviation in your neuropathy symptoms.

Help in Diabetic Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a common result of diabetes. Patients with diabetes have abnormally high blood sugar or glucose levels, which is damaging to the nerves. Diabetic neuropathy can cause nerve damage in various parts of your body.

Now, you must follow your doctor’s treatment plan if you want to control diabetes. In addition, you may learn about the advantages of apple cider vinegar as a result of diabetes.

How does apple cider do the job?

According to certain studies, apple cider vinegar inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates we eat. This might assist your body in producing less glucose and keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Obviously, having lower glucose levels will reduce the risk of developing diabetic neuropathy. You may also use apple cider vinegar to treat nerve discomfort that follows and lessen your symptoms.

In an experiment, rats with diabetes were given acetic acid and found to have less diabetic neuropathy. However, no additional research or animals, nor people, exist. So don’t draw any judgments based on this single study.

Lowers pain

The antioxidants in the vinegar may help eliminate toxins and reduce nerve pain. You might also be able to decrease inflammation, which causes discomfort and suffering.

Furthermore, potassium may help with nerve pain.

lowers numbness or tingling

Apple cider vinegar can help with tingling or cramping, in addition to the discomfort. You may be able to get rid of your symptoms for a time.

According to some experts, apple cider vinegar binds with a toxin called guanidine that is produced as a by-product of metabolism. Apple cider reduces nerve pain caused by guanidine by lowering this chemical.

Improves nerve signals

Sodium and potassium contribute to optimum electrical connection in your nerves. This might also aid in the reduction of pain and annoying symptoms.

How do you use apple cider vinegar for nerve pain?

You may drink apple cider vinegar by combining 2-3 teaspoons of it with water. To improve the taste, add your favorite natural sweeteners, such as honey or agave nectar.

It’s completely safe to consume, and in fact, it’s beneficial to your health. Hot tea, yoga, and Epsom salt are other home treatments for short-term pain relief.

To relax your body, Healthline suggests taking a hot bath, using cayenne pepper, and even longer naps. Nerve discomfort might be extremely unpleasant; it can have a negative influence on your physical and mental energy.

There are now an infinite number of ways to utilize apple cider vinegar in your cooking. Search for recipes that use vinegar and add a spoonful to your salads and dressings. You may put it in anything you like!

Bottom Line

There’s no indication that apple cider vinegar can help with or address nerve pain. However, Healthline notes that it is generally safe in moderate doses, so you may test it out and see if it works for you.

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