What is Skin Purging? How to Treat, What Causes It and How To Prevent It

by May 27, 2021

Skin purging is a skin condition that can cause acne, dead skin cells or blackheads to suddenly remove themselves from the face. This usually happens when your body tries to get rid of toxins and other substances that have been clogging it up for an extended period of time. It may seem like something you want, but in reality it could be very painful and irritating because as these pimples pop they often leave behind scars known as ice pick scars. In this article we will discuss what skin purging is, how it looks like, what causes it and how to prevent it! When skin is purging, it is the process of getting all that dirt up from your pores, which can be really uncomfortable! Purging usually happens when someone has started a new skincare routine but their skin isn’t used to it yet, so they break out in acne or pimples. This is most common with oily/acne prone skin types because these skins are more sensitive than dryer ones (less hydrated). It also tends to happen if you’ve stopped using products containing benzoyl peroxide for example – this ingredient helps kill bacteria on the face.

Purging skin is when your skin starts to produce more oil than normal as part of its healing process. trying to get rid of the dead skin cells and other impurities.

Purging has many different causes: stress related breakouts are common due to heightened emotional responses while another common purging culprit is starting new medications or supplements that could be causing hormonal changes in the body which result in increased sebum production. Skin purging typically lasts for about two weeks before calming down into an even cycle of clear and oily days – but there are measures we can take prevent this type of inflammation such as staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep. Skin purging typically lasts for about two weeks before calming down into an even cycle of clear and oily days – but there are measures we can take prevent this type of inflammation such as staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep… Read more here!

What is Skin Purging? How to Treat, What Causes It and How To Prevent It.

In this article we will discuss what skin purging is, how it looks like, what causes it and how to prevent it! you might’ve been surprised someday with your face all covered with acne and suddenly just found that day they’re all gone or more likely, you saw your face with blackheads coming out. this is called purging! but since it’s not always a pleasant experience – which we’ll talk about in the next paragraph- let’s first find out what skin purging really is.

What is skin purging ?

purging is when you have acne that pops up on your face for a long period of time. It may seem like something that you want, but in reality it’s most likely going to be very painful and irritating because as these pimples pop they often leave behind scars known as ice pick scars. it is a nightmare once it happens to you. there are two types of purging in acne, one is when the body’s immune system reacts against some proteins that cause inflammation or an initial infection which causes this reaction and other type is caused by bacteria from inside your pores too either way it can be very painful!

How do I know if my skin has purged?

don’t worry we’ve got you covered with these signs:

  1. Blackheads emerging on the surface of your skin (the most common sign)
  2. A sudden appearance of large cysts forming underneath the surface or popping up suddenly as they’re not usually present before hand unless there was trauma to area where they were under the epidermis layer. The following day they will have small scars in the spots of where they popped
  3. A sudden appearance of pustules or infected acne which is usually more painful than the other types , sometimes it can be hard to know if your skin has purged because these initial signs might not happen. The only way you would really know for sure is by going in and getting pictures taken with high resolution so that dermatologist could look at them closely.

What causes purging?

It’s caused by something that either irritates, triggers inflammation or infects our pores – anything from hormones to bacteria, stress will also cause outbreaks too! One example of this type of irritation would be when you come out into cold weather after being inside all day without wearing gloves as we suddenly change temperature on different parts of our body, which can definitely cause purging.

What causes my acne to purge?

To understand what’s causing the breakouts then it can often be beneficial to take note if anything has changed in terms of your diet or routine recently, as this could mean something different than hormones is triggering the issue on an emotional level. Stressful periods such as exams are also known for exacerbating acne because they put pressure on our bodies that we’ve never felt before, which triggers those hormonal fluctuations again. Why do purges happen so quickly after picking at pimples? Picking at spots is believed by some experts to stimulate oil production more than usual during a breakout, which can lead to more inflammation and a bigger pimple.

What to do when your skin is purging?

It’s important to try and avoid anything that could be irritating your skin too much, which means you have a few different choices in how you can treat it depending on what the triggering factor was for the outbreak – if it’s hormonal related then contraceptives might help; if its stress or anxiety-related then counselling may work better. You should also make sure that you’re cleansing regularly with gentle products as well as moisturizing daily so that your face doesn’t dry out or become irritated!

How does purging affect my life?

Purges often leave people feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable in their own skin because they don’t feel like they look ‘normal’ anymore. although you must know that there is nothing to be ashamed of, purging is a natural part of skincare and your skin will return to its former state soon enough.

What are the treatments available for purging acne?

The most popular treatment is benzoyl peroxide, which can be used both topically or orally as an antibiotic. One of its main benefits when it comes to purging acne is that it’s not just treating your skin, it’s also tackling any bacteria in your gut by killing off the bugs on food we eat before they get into our system. This means that you’ll still see improvement even if you’re experiencing symptoms outside of breakouts like stomach aches, tiredness, headaches etc.”

how to tell a purging from a breakout?

So how to know whether is a purging or breaking?

Purging is characterized by inflamed and cystic acne on the skin. When people with oily skin start to use a new skincare product, this can be mistakenly identified as purging.

You may notice that the breakout does not get better after stopping the offending product. In these cases it’s likely an inflammatory response instead of true purging.

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What can I do to lessen the situation of my purging face and skin?

  • Make sure to drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated.
  • Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis, but be careful not to overdo it as this can cause purging by stripping the skin too much.
  • Work on your skin care routine .
  • Don’t pick or scratch your acne – just let them heal naturally without any interference from you! And try not to squeeze them either – this will only aggravate your breakout. A gentle washcloth is all you need for cleansing and clearing up dirt that may have collected in the pores.”
  • If they’re lifestyle related: exercise more (you’ll sweat out impurities), eat healthy foods with good bacteria, sleep, reduce stress levels etc., then reducing those factors could help clear things out.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods with artificial colors, preservatives and other unhealthy substances like sugar.
  • Stay away from dairy products if you have acne! Dairy can cause a breakout in some people, because of the hormones it contains.

What is the best way for my skin to look like?

If you’re looking to get rid of acne scars or have smoother and healthier skin then it’s recommended that you see a dermatologist and not use harsh chemicals on your face. A lot of people recommend using simple treatments at home like changing up their diets, taking vitamin supplements from trusted brands, drinking lots of water every day and doing light facial masks with ingredients around the house such as honey or lemon juice. If this doesn’t work then seek out professional help by going on over to Acne Treatment Permanently! There they offer affordable treatment options so visit them today.

Things to keep in mind if you deal with skin purging:

  • You are beautiful, and your skin is just self cleaning, help it with skin care.
  • It’s just a phase, take it as a a break for your soul to meditate the notion of appearance and beauty.
  • Remember that social media is not real! your skin is just growing mature.
  • Most celebrities deal with skin issues, and that’s totally normal.
  • The more you focus on it the more you’re going to feel it, let go.
  • Skin is meant to look like skin, not plastic.
  • Don’t let social media and other people’s judgement affect you.


to conclude, if your skin is purging there is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s only a natural process. It will pass, so just try your best as you go on with life! Always remember that acne doesn’t define who you are. and that skin purging occurs when the skin starts overproducing oil in an effort to remove something from the surface layers of skin such as dirt or bacteria. Sometimes there will also be an increase in visible breakouts found along clogged pores caused by trapped sebum (oil). This can happen for many reasons including genetics, dieting habits or hormonal imbalance. However one thing to consider is that there are other natural ways to purging your skin such as a change of diet, exercise and vitamins.

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