Blind Pimples: The Ultimate in Skincare

by May 27, 2021

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a person is when they have a pimple on their nose, but it’s so deep under the skin that you cannot see it.

This is called a “blind pimple.” They are painful and difficult to get rid of for many people. In this article, we will go over how to spot them and what treatments work best for getting rid of these annoying blemishes!

Blind pimples are a type of acne that is very difficult to see. They usually occur on the nose, but can also be found under the skin of your face or neck.

Acne in these areas is often painful and frustrating because you cannot see it! This article will help you identify blind pimples so that you know what they look like and how to treat them properly.

Blind pimples are difficult to spot because they do not form a blemish on the surface of your skin. Instead, these types of acne develop deep in the pores and only appear under the skin. If you have blind pimples, it is likely that you will know about them because they may cause tenderness or pain when touched.

Typically, blind pimples can be found on either side of your nose just below where your eyebrows meet at an angle. They also commonly occur behind the earlobe or around the mouth area which is why most people feel some type of irritation from their presence there!

The good news is that blind pimples are very easy to treat with over-the-counter products such as clearasil or Neutrogena. You can also use a topical cream like benzoyl peroxide, which is available over-the-counter as well. Of course the best way to treat them though would be by seeing your dermatologist!

What are blind pimples?

Also known at whiteheads, blackheads or comedones form when hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead cells from the surface layer of skin. They usually appear near the nose area but may show up anywhere on your face.

Blind pimples are small, under-the-skin bumps that can be found anywhere on the surface of your skin. They can also occur in the very back of your ear where they are called a helix or around the mouth area which is why some people feel irritation!

These tiny bumps typically do not have any oil glands surrounding them and they may cause tenderness or pain when touched.

What causes blind pimples?

Blind pimples usually have no oil glands surrounding them, so they are not caused by excess oils. They can be genetic or more often result from an injury to the skin that causes a few cells in the area of the injury to turn into pimple-causing keratinocytes. These blind pimples will typically go away on their own after about two weeks.

The following are some of the most common causes for pimples:

  • Skin sensitivity to cosmetics, skin products or oils
  • Hormonal fluctuations like puberty and menstruation in women; testosterone levels rising during adolescence in men.
  • Irritations from tattoos or piercings such as a boil (deep wound) that can form pus-filled blisters on your face!
  • Certain medications including birth control pills, hormone therapy drugs used for cancer treatment and/or systemic steroids prescribed by physicians all have the potential to cause breakouts. These include acne medication called isotretinoin which is also known as Accutane.

Additionally, heredity and diet are potential causes of pimples. It is important to note that dietary changes alone will not clear up the skin!

The acne-causing substances in our diets can only be eliminated by changing a person’s eating habits permanently. People with oily or sensitive skin often find it difficult to prevent breakouts from occurring.

These people need more than just proper hygiene; they also require excellent skincare products formulated for their needs , which eliminates harsh ingredients such as alcohols, petrochemicals and fragrances (which irritate your complexion).

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What is different about treating blind pimples?

There is nothing special you need to do when it comes to curing these little bumps because most cases resolve with time and over-the-counter treatments!

Tea tree oil based products are best for this situation, these you can find in different skin care products with different price ranges.

You surely can’t get rid of a blind pimple by popping it or squeezing it, it can only get worse, a blind pimple is stuck under the dermal tissue, if you try to get rid of it this way it only exposes it to bacteria, pop a blind pimple and damage your skin for a log time.

A blind pimple can be treated by a dose of acne treatment cream with tea tree oil in it, a small amount on the spot on a daily basis till the blind pimple vanishes is enough.

A warm compress can be soothing to the area since the effect of that warm compress can be boosted with the use of tea tree oil on the skin’s surface.

How can I recognize a blind pimple?

If you can’t see the oil gland under it, then there is a good chance that your pimple will be difficult to get rid of. If you have an injury on or near your face and experience an irritating bump in the area within two weeks, chances are that this is not a blind pimple but rather just skin inflammation from healing!

A blind pimple doesn’t show on the skin’s surface, it happens to everyone, even people with mild to moderate acne, simply because it manifests differently.

How do I treat my blind pimples?

There are many ways for treating these pesky bumps including over-the-counter products like benzoyl peroxide lotion which has been shown to reduce redness and dry out whiteheads such as those found on noses! Some other treatments include warm compresses, anti bacterial ointments (such as antibiotic), tea tree oil or garlic paste can be effective in treating pimples.

But you have to be cautious in case of any irritation or allergic reaction.

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Do blind pimples go on their own?

In most cases these pimples don’t go on their own and require an expert intervention.

There are different types of treatments for this kind of skin condition including laser therapy, topical or oral antibiotics and isotretinoin pills which can be prescribed by a dermatologist.

The latter is in most cases the best course to follow as it has been shown that they have clear reduction in both inflammatory acne scars as well as decreasing post-inflammatory pigmentation!

How long do blind pimples last ?

The duration of pimples varies depending on the severity.

Some blind pimples can be eliminated in just a few days, while others might require treatment for months.

However, if you want to achieve good results it is important to stick with your prescribed regime and not to stop abruptly as this will result in relapses!

Blind pimples are one type of skin condition which should never go untreated ! If they are left without proper care the chances for relapses increase dramatically and there also exist risks that some scars or even permanent dark spots could form on different areas of your face.

This might lead later into more serious health issues like rosacea or hyperpigmentation problems . The best way would always be consulting an expert dermatologist as soon as possible.

Blind pimples are very similar to pimples except they’re not visible on the skin surface. They result from blocked pores and pus that collects deep inside the pore but can also be caused by bacteria, a hormonal imbalance or even your diet!

  • Check your diet for foods which you might have an intolerance towards (i.e., dairy products)
  • Change your pillow covers regularly, this is where most of all dirt accumulates overnight
  • Treat acne with topical ointments and creams rather than popping it yourself as it will leave permanent scarring

If left untreated though, blind pimples will continue to grow in size until they form into one big red spot which hangs out through the skin .

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