How You Can Save Your Hair From Breaking: Causes, Preventions and Treatments

by May 27, 2021

There are many reasons for hair breakage, but the most common is damage. Damaged hair can be caused by heat styling, chemical treatments, or even brushing too often. If you have a lot of hair that breaks off at the root it might be time to take a closer look at what your doing to it! In this article we’ll go over some ways you can prevent and treat damaged hair so it stops breaking off and looking limp.

your hair is the reflection of the state of your health, and witnessing it break and fall off is a grave sign of something being wrong. hair breakage is not to be taken as a joke.

Why possibly is your hair breaking?

There are many reasons for hair breakage, but the most common is damage. Damaged hair can be caused by heat styling, chemical treatments, or even brushing too often. If you have a lot of hair that breaks off at the root it might be time to take a closer look at what your doing to it!

Your diet:

Your diet plays a major role in how healthy your hair will be. it is essential to have a balanced and nutritious meal, with an adequate amount of protein, vitamin d, iron and zinc. Eating more protein-rich foods like eggs or meat can help hair grow thicker and stronger.

Iron found in spinach helps the production of red blood, therefore more oxygen can reach the follicle to stimulate hair growth. Zinc is found in beans, oysters and other food sources that help maintain a steady hormone balance which results in healthier hair.

Your shampoo:

the choice of shampoo is just as important as what you eat. hair can be damaged and then lead to hair breakage due to too many chemicals and harsh detergents found in shampoos, so it’s best to look for a product that is free from sulfates or parabens which are often used to create thicker lather and more volume.

Your styling tools:

curling irons, brushes, hair dryers and flat irons all put intense heat on the hair. this can lead to breakage or frizzy hair that’s impossible to tame

your hairstyle: it’s best to go easy with your style as styles like braids, twists and dreadlocks are more likely to cause tangles which in turn leads to hair breakage. it’s best to choose a style that is easy to maintain and not too tight on the hair.

hair styling products: hair styling products that contain alcohol or harsh chemicals can also lead to breakage. it’s best to go for hair oils, masks and treatments that are natural.

brushing your hair: when brushing the hair, avoid combing from root to tip as this is more likely to cause tangles which in turn leads to breakage .

Your pillow:

hair comes into contact with the pillowcase, which is more likely to lead to tangles as hair rubs against it. this can lead to hair breakage if not dealt with.

hormonal imbalance: hormonal imbalance can also cause hair breakage.

using a hair dryer: using a hair dryer too much is another common culprit for hair damage and breakage as the heat of the blow-dryer weakens your cuticles which makes it more likely to be damaged by brushing or tangles .

over washing: over washing can lead to hair breakage. hair is being stripped of its natural oils and moisture which can lead to dryness .

How to Stop Hair Breakage?

you need to stop the problem before solving it, which means you need to determine the cause of hair breakage .

you can’t just treat hair with a shampoo and conditioner, it’s going to take more than that if your hair is constantly breaking.

a doctor or dermatologist will be able to diagnose the root of your problem and prescribe treatments for healthy hair. they may also recommend you take nutritional supplements and change your hair care routine.

At home treatments for hair breakage:

use a deep conditioner, which should be applied to the ends of your hair first. then work your way up towards the scalp (avoiding it). do this every other week or monthly depending on how often you shower .

try not to use heated styling tools like blow dryers as they can weaken cuticles that make hair more prone to damage when brushing or tangled in knots .

Instead, try air drying your hair after washing with cold water so there is less risk of fizziness. also brush gently ! don’t pull at tangles! if your hair does become damaged due to over-brushing or knotting, treat it by applying a hair mask.

a lot of people believe that you should not use shampoo, but if your scalp is very greasy or oily this may be true. however, it can actually dry out the hair and make it more prone to breakage . only wash about twice per week with cold water and do so for as short a time possible !

Another good tip is using products which contain silicone like serum’s or oils to protect from heat damage during styling .

Lastly, make sure when getting your hair cut you get layers trimmed in! these help prevent split ends because they won’t all grow together too much giving them less chance at grabbing onto each other during brushing.

Shampooing: one of the best ways to keep your hair strong is by not washing it as often. experts recommend only shampooing twice per week (or less) with cold water and doing so for as short a time possible! there are products on the market that can act like shampoos without actually having detergents or sulfates which strip natural oils from our locks. these are usually silicone based like serums or oils before styling such as serum’s.

What vitamins and nutrients are good for hair breakage?

What exercises can I do to prevent hair breakage?

  • try stretching your scalp! this stimulates the roots of the hair follicles and hair shafts which helps stimulate growth on top as well. also wearing protective hairstyles like braids or twists will help you preserve more length when they’re pulled back from daily use. another effective exercise is using an ionic dryer/straightener etc .. these have negative ions which gently reduce natural oils without drying out your hair too much !
  •  get regular trims about every six weeks or less if possible. this prevents any overgrowth of hair strands that can be difficult for the roots to maintain.
  •  use products like shea butter or olive oil which protect your hair and scalp with natural oils! also, try doing an avocado mask on dry hair which will help strengthen it from within. if these are not available at a store near you, make sure to substitute them both with any other type of oil (olive/coconut) or raw form of protein such as eggs .

Additional Tips On How To Prevent the hair from breaking:

  • start regularly using a hair mask.
  • applying henna is also very good for your hair.
  • practice scalp massages before going to bed every night.
  • only wash your hair twice a week.
  • get silky pillow cases
  • use scrunchies instead of regular hair ties

Can hair loss be a sign of something serious?

No, hair loss is not a cause for concern. It may be due to other factors such as overexposure to the sun (hair will lose its natural shine), genetics or environmental elements like pollution and dirt. Always consult with your doctor before thinking of any treatments because it can also be caused by hormonal changes in women or low thyroid levels in men.

  • make sure you are using proper hair care products that won’t strip away your hair’s natural oils.
  •  find ways to limit how often you wash your hair
  •  use deep conditioners less frequently than shampoo/conditioner combos
  •  avoid piling too much product on top of an already damaged layer where there is little chance of repairing the damage from near the scalp.
  • eat healthy and drink more water
  • avoid hair heavy or heat styling products
  • don’t use tight ponytails, braids and cornrows. They cause a lot of tension on the hair follicle which then leads to breakage. The same goes for any hairstyles where you pull your hair back with a headband; it can give too much leverage when hair is pulled up from its roots causing more pain and damage than necessary.

Backed by science: “The root causes are often multifactorial,” says Sharon McGlinchey, MSc., senior lecturer in health sciences at DePaul University in Chicago and an international board certified trichologist (hair loss expert), who offers these tips for avoiding breakage: realize that unhealthy diet is a major contributor, and avoid hair heavy products.

  • don’t use heat tools too often
  • avoid chemicals like relaxers or dyes that can contain harsh ingredients which strip the hair of its natural oils. This will leave your strands brittle and prone to breakage.

If you do experience breakage, it’s important to note what else is going on in your life besides a bad hair day: “When stress levels are high or when there has been some sort of physiological change in the body like from an illness, pregnancy or childbirth, hormones may affect how much scalp oil (sebum) is produced,” McGlinchey says. The good news? There isn’t any one single cause for excessively dry hair because nothing when you do wash, it’s with shampoo designed for dry hair)

Avoiding heat appliances: this includes blow drying and using heated styling tools like straighteners or curling wands since they can cause more damage than just washing your hair! You should also avoid over exposing yourself to sun rays which will make your locks brittle and break easily. Remember how hot air dries

If you want healthy hair, make sure that you aren’t over-washing or brushing too much these are both causes of damaged hair.

  • Do not brush hair too much and use a wide-toothed comb
  • Brush your hair in the right direction. This is usually from roots to ends but you might need to switch it up depending on what type of curl pattern you have.
  • Wash hair every other day or as little as possible

in conclusion, your hair can be saved, don’t worry. Just give it more love and attention, less stress and of course less heat and chemicals.

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