How to Stimulate Hair Growth with Collagen Supplements

by May 27, 2021

Collagen is a protein that is found in our skin, joints and muscles. It’s also the main component of hair follicles! Collagen supplements can help hair grow thicker and healthier.

The best collagen for hair growth will be made up of the following ingredients: Type I & III collagen peptides, Vitamin C, Biotin and Iron Chelates. These are all known to increase blood circulation which helps with natural hair regrowth. This article will teach you how to stimulate your hair growth with these types of collagen supplements, and of course the effects of collagen on the body !

The best way to stimulate new hair growth is by using a variety of good quality collagen supplements which contain important nutrients like biotin and iron chelate.

Below are many different type of collagen possibilities and these supplements that work well together in order to give the best effects on stimulating natural hair regrowth. These include Vitamin C (an antioxidant), Type I & III Collagen often are used together on the skin and hair, Biotin (a vitamin that is important for healthy hair) and Iron Chelates which helps with blood circulation in general, this will help to stimulate your natural hormone levels and boost amino acid metabolism as well.

These types of collagen supplements are most often used together because they work best together. For example, Vitamin C works well as a booster when paired with Type I & III Collagen since it can improve their absorption into the cells of our body.

Biotin stimulates new growth by helping to increase cellular energy production while iron chelate enhances calcium uptake inside all cells including those found in both the nail bed and scalp, providing an essential nutrient for strengthening weak hairs. These three nutrients combined will provide you with more vigorous stimulation than if using just one of them.

How does Collagen work in the body?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in skin, cartilage, muscles and tendons. It makes up about one-third of all body proteins as well as 80% of our connective tissue. The best collagen supplements are those that contain at least two types; these can be Type I, II or III.

Collagen comes in a liquid form but it’s also available to purchase as powder for making your own homemade DIY drink mixes like yogurt smoothies with fruit added. Some people find benefits by adding probiotics such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus which will help stimulate their natural hormone levels because healthy gut bacteria produce hormones that affect how we feel mentally and physically too and boosts the production of collagen !

Do collagen supplements help with hair growth? the effects of collagen on hair

Some people are suggesting that taking these types of products can provide a boost to your overall health, and even stimulate new hair growth. They work by supplying the body with important nutrients such as vitamin A, B vitamins like biotin, iron chelate for healthy nails and strong hairs.

These same ingredients are also found in many popular beauty creams which have been shown to promote fuller healthier looking skin too. So if you want more volume or thicker locks this might be just what you’re after!

Collagen Supplements: What Exactly Are They?

What is Collagen?

Collagen is an essential protein in our bodies that maintains elasticity in the skin tissue while providing stability to the skin, hair and nails. Collagen is also responsible for healthy joints and cartilage. the production of collagen in the body comes naturally, yet it differs from a person to another in effeciency levels and potential of collagen. 

Collagen Supplements: How Do They Work?

It’s not uncommon to hear about women using collagen supplements in order to maintain their youthful appearance by preventing wrinkles or dry patches on the face.

A body with collagen is a healthy looking body In fact, many beauty companies are adding collagen to moisturizers because it has been shown that damaged collagen production can lead to older looking features like uneven coloration of your skin, creases around the eyes and mouth as well as a thinned out look overall.

But what you may not know is that these same ingredients found in popular wrinkle cream products are also available at home with some simple all-natural remedies which you can whip up yourself!

How to choose the right collagen supplements?

Collagen supplements come in various forms. and are on the top of the hair growth supplement range. If you are looking for a more natural supplement, look into collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen as they are easier to absorb and do not have any unwanted additives like dairy that can contribute to inflammation of the gut lining.

Marine collagen must be taken in consideration in case you want to reverse the damage to hair you have experienced over the years.

Another option is Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides which offer all-natural ingredients without added sugars, cholesterol or preservatives. The only ingredient found on the list is chicken protein! This makes it perfect if you’re vegan too since there’s no animal sourced products involved with this product line.

marine collagen has been recommended in the health and fitness community and has proven itself as well.

What benefits does collagen provide?

The most common benefit reported by users who take these types of supplements is better skin elasticity and less wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, which is miraculous already, but the best news is that it can also improve hair growth.

Collagen or biotin? which is best for hair growth?

I’m sure you’re wondering which is the best choice of collagen supplements for your hair. Well, it really depends on what type of healthy hair growth you want to stimulate and how quickly that’s apparent in your scalp.

Biotin can be helpful since this vitamin can help promote cell turnover in the skin and strengthens brittle nails too- but if your goal is long, shiny locks then I recommend taking a supplement with both biotin as well as keratin because these are two key nutrients contained within our hair follicles that will grow new cells faster.

Collagen has about 20 different purposes including keeping bones strong to improving hormone production! But one lesser known benefit to this protein source is bettering hair health thanks to it being a major component in hair follicles.

It’s not only important for the health of your skin but also to have healthy and shinier locks since collagen is found within our hair’s protein cells. Hair loss can be caused by low levels of collagen- so if you are experiencing thinning or bald spots, then I recommend taking this supplement to keep it strong and sturdy!

The best way to take these supplements?

you should maintain you daily collagen supplement intake .A different form of collagen, Both oral capsules, collagen powder or topical creams exists which will all yield different effects, but my recommendation would be an oral biotin capsule daily with nightly application of a keratin cream if that suits your needs. Try to avoid having a poor diet because it will not help you see the results with  natural collagen production in the body and in other ways as a supplement.

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