Can Biotin Cause Weight Gain?

by Feb 7, 2022

Biotin is an essential vitamin that you need to get from your diet or by taking supplements. It’s also a popular supplement because it does many things for the body, including promoting hair and nail growth, which can be helpful if you’re pregnant or dealing with brittle nails. However, Can biotin cause weight gain? This question is complicated and we’ll explore why in the following paragraphs!

What does Science say About Biotin Make You Fat?

Biotin is required for the production of energy. According to the National Institute of Health, biotin transforms carbohydrates, proteins, and fat in food into energy.

Biotin, in other words, is a fat-burning enzyme.

Now, the question is why does weight gain set in after utilizing a product that causes fat loss?

So, in order to keep things simple, biotin does not cause weight gain. Any doctor, researcher, or even medical student may confirm this information.

However, biotin has the potential to cause weight gain. What do we mean by that?

Is It Possible to Gain Weight While Taking Biotin?

Can Biotin Cause Weight Gain ?

We came upon an outdated discussion while doing our research. Amber asked on a beauty care website whether biotin causes weight gain, and she was experiencing it herself.

Many women responded to Amber’s inquiry, revealing their biotin experiences. Surprisingly, many of them reported they gained weight while taking biotin supplements.

So, Why what doctors and scientists say about biotin causing weight gain is the opposite of what people experience?

Why do People claim Biotin Causes Weight Gain?

After digging on Amber’s post and analyzing what other ladies have said about the weight they gained while taking biotin.

They all said that their appetite increased too high. Many have been astonished to learn how much they were eating once they started biotin supplements.

Biotin’s ability to boost metabolism has been scientifically proven. Biotin aids in the production of energy using your nutrients. As a result, you digest food faster and are more likely to be hungry.

So, it’s not the biotin that’s to blame for your weight gain. Rather, you put on weight because you consume more calories. If you don’t pay attention to how many calories you consume, you can quickly acquire a few pounds.

The ladies in the forum had a similar experience. You become hungrier, eat more calories, and acquire more body fat.

Biotin also has the ability to lower blood sugar levels by utilizing carbohydrates for energy. The decrease in blood sugar causes hunger and the urge to eat.

Biotin, according to nutritionists, causes you to put on weight by causing an increase in appetite and food intake.

So, this is the reason for fat.

And as we all know, any extra calories are stored as fat in our bodies.

Another reason is that biotin might be making you retain more water. Because of this, you might notice yourself bloating or getting puffy, which can make you feel like you’ve gained some unwanted pounds. The good news? As soon as your body flushes out the excess water it’s holding onto, the bloat will go away.

So, we’ve come with three reasons why biotin might cause weight gain.

  1. Increasing your appetite
  2. Increasing your hunger
  3. Increasing your body’s fluids

Science does not always provide a simple solution to every problem. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered and did all of the searches so you don’t have to.

How To Avoid Weight Gain While Taking Biotin?

It is important to stress that biotin does not cause weight gain. If you’re experiencing weight gain while taking a biotin supplement, it’s most likely due to one of the reasons mentioned above. Biotin might be making you hungrier and causing your body to retain more water which can make you feel puffy or bloated.

We’ll reveal a few strategies to help you keep the pounds at bay while taking biotin.

We suggest you eat mindfully by counting calories.

Instead of hot dogs, have a nutritious snack when the urges strike. Fruits, yogurt, smoothies, and salads are all good options. To lose weight naturally, add apple cider vinegar to your meals.

Additionally, eat a balanced diet that is high in protein and nutrients. Protein keeps you full so you don’t get hungry too frequently. Fat should be avoided; instead, choose leaner cuts of meat.

Drink a lot of water throughout the day to counteract fluid retention. This may seem counterintuitive, but drinking water might help to reduce occurrences of water retention.

Finally, workout a little to compensate for the increase in calories from biotin.

Bottom Line

A biotin supplement can help you achieve prettier hair, skin, and nails. However, the possibility of weight gain is a concern for many people who are thinking about taking a product containing biotin.

If you don’t keep your calories in check, the scale will go up as a result of increased appetite and food intake. You can gain a few pounds rapidly if you don’t pay attention to how much food you eat. Additionally, biotin can help your body retain more water so you might feel puffy or bloated while taking it.

FAQ About Biotin Supplements

Does Biotin Increase Appetite?

Yes, biotin can increase your appetite. According to research, it might make you hungrier and could aid in the production of energy which leads to increased food ingestion.

Does Biotin Cause Water Retention?

Biotin causes water retention by helping the kidneys process carbohydrates more efficiently. This action results in a decrease in blood sugar levels which brings on hunger, tempting you to eat more.

Will Taking A Biotin Supplement Cause Me To Gain Weight?

Taking biotin supplements may cause some people to gain weight, but this will only be temporary if they don’t adjust their food consumption accordingly. If you’re consuming too many calories, it is very possible that you might end up gaining weight.

Is biotin a cause of bloating?

Biotin, like most other vitamins and supplements, might cause fluid retention and bloat. This is a typical side effect. If you are bloated on biotin, drink more water or consult with your doctor.

Is it true that biotin supplements cause hormonal imbalance?

Biotin supplements can cause false-negative thyroid hormone results and affect laboratory test results. Biotin has the ability to influence a variety of other hormones in addition to thyroids. When you have a genuine medical need, take biotin only under the supervision of an expert.

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