BrainDetox: How to Stimulate Cognitive Performance

by Jun 3, 2021

Braindetox is a form of treatment that helps stimulate cognitive performance and improve mental clarity along with boosting the glymphatic system with a healthy sleep schedule . Brain detox treatments are often used in the workplace to help employees avoid burnout and brain cells damage, or for those who have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorders to restore brain function.

There are many different ways to do brain detox, but some suggestions include: taking walks outside in nature, doing yoga, meditating and using essential oils. Brain health: is essential to maintaining one’s cognitive abilities and mental clarity, so it is important that we do what we can for ourselves.

What does it mean?

Brain detox is a form of treatment that helps stimulate cognitive performance and improve mental clarity by restoring brain function and preserving brain cells . The idea behind brain detox treatments is to clear the mind and stimulate mental clarity. Some common ways this can be done are by taking walks outside in nature, doing yoga or meditating, maintaining a quality sleep schedule as well using essential oils for aromatherapy benefits.

Do I need a braindetox?

We all need brain detox from time to time, but some people may be more at risk for mental fatigue than others. and those with neurological diseases are in need the most.

If you feel like your cognitive performance is declining or that your mental clarity has decreased in recent weeks, it might be a good idea to try one of these methods and see if they help with this issue. Brain detox can also act as preventative care by ensuring we take care of ourselves so we don’t experience any declines in memory and cognition later on down the road!

How do I know when I need a brain detox?

Some signs that you may want to book an appointment with our office include: feeling mentally fatigued after coming back from vacation or holiday break, struggling to recall what happened over the past few days, or struggling to remember what you were going to do next. If you’ve been feeling mentally fatigued and think a Brain Detox session might help:

Contact your physician about scheduling a visit for cognitive testing in order to see if there are any other underlying issues that may be contributing to the problem.

How is brain detox performed?

Brain detox is typically done over two sessions where we will use various methods such as; neurofeedback, physical exercises, breathing exercises, nutritional supplements and/or biofield balancing techniques during each session. Our goal here is not only just helping individuals improve their mental performance but also to help them find balance in their lives.

After BrainDetox:

People often report feeling better, getting enough sleep with healthier glymphatic system and more alive and less stressed after the treatment sessions. They are able to think quicker on their feet and have an increased ability to focus at work or home when they go back for follow-up testing a few weeks later.

Some people may notice that they feel calmer as well as experiencing better moods through out the day. This is because we’ve helped restore brain detoxification pathways which will allow our bodies natural endorphins (feel good hormones) to release into our bloodstreams naturally without having to suffer from any illnesses like depression.

As you can see there are many benefits of this therapy! Whether you just need to focus on work or school, the Brain Detox can help you stay calm and focused throughout your day.

Benefits of brain detox:

  • more focused
  • calmer moods throughout the day
  • increase in cognitive performance when following up on testing a few weeks later

Brain Detox can help you stay calm and focus through your entire workday, or any other task for that matter! Contact us today to find out if this therapy is right for you.

Brain Detox Therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment of those who suffer from limited concentration spans, as well as chronic stressors like depression. The idea behind brain detoxification is that we are able to restore pathways which will allow our bodies natural endorphins (feel good hormones) release into our bloodstream without having any illnesses such as depression.

What helps keeping your brain healthy and boos the glymphatic system?

  • Taking walks outside in nature.
  • Doing yoga or meditation.
  • Using essential oils for aromatherapy benefits such as lavender, peppermint and rosemary to stimulate mental clarity, soothe anxiety and reduce stress levels.
  • Sleep: when you sleep enough and properly you help the process of brain detox and boos the glymphatic system.

Hormonal balance and brain health:

Hormonal balance is important for all areas of your body, including the brain. Your thyroid regulates how quickly you burn calories and influences how sensitive to cold or hot temperatures you are.

Thyroid hormones also affect mental function by changing levels of neurotransmitters in the brain that regulate moods and emotions. An overactive thyroid can make you more anxious and depressed, whereas an underactive thyroid can lead to depression.

It’s important to have your hormones tested regularly if you suspect they are out of balance or it may be a sign of another health issue such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), hypothyroidism or diabetes.

Especially in women after menopause when the brain is no longer getting the same levels of estrogen.

Eating plenty of vegetables every day for mental clarity: Broccoli, carrots, cabbage, spinach and kale all contain beta carotene which reduces inflammation that might affect memory function. They also help produce serotonin which helps regulate moods and sleep cycles.

Foods that are good for your brain:

Foods high in omega-three fatty acids are good for any brain type. Salmon, walnuts and spinach all provide these healthy fats.

Foods that can trigger headaches:

Certain foods such as cheese, red wine and chocolate contain tyramine which is a compound found in many aged proteins that has been shown to cause migraines or other types of headache symptoms.

supplements and brain detox:

Healthy levels of B vitamins in the brain can help people with mental clarity.

Maintaining optimal levels of vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency can lead to mood disorders including depression so it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough if your levels are low.

Certain studies have also linked higher intakes of vitamin C with lower rates of cognitive decline like Alzheimer’s disease.

Just be aware that excess sugar will actually inhibit the absorption of calcium , magnesium, iron and zinc.

Supplements to help with brain detox: alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant that can aid in the production of new mitochondria. In one study, participants who took this supplement had significantly higher levels of acetylcholine which was associated with better scores on memory tests.

In a double-blind trial published by Drs. Ruggiero et al., those taking 300 mg/day for 12 months found enhanced cognitive function after supplementation.

Aminosyn Brain Infusion contains amino acids like B12 (methylcobalamin), folate (L-methylfolate) and vitamin D along with phosphatidylserine which helps regulate mood

Brain detox and exercise:

  • Exercise helps stimulate better cognitive function.
  • It releases endorphins which help relieve stress and anxiety, keeping the wearer in a high mood.
  • This can help keep brain detox going all day long.
  • It helps you sleep so your glymphatic system works better .

The Importance of Brain Detox:

Brain detoxification is important because without it, our brains suffer from an accumulation of heavy metals that are eliminated more slowly than they would otherwise be due to inflammation caused by substances such as gluten or mold toxins (for those who have sensitivity). The body cannot make efficient use of vitamins if there is too much toxicity present within the system, so it becomes difficult to maintain good mental functioning on a daily basis. Supplements like Alpha Lipoic Acid may offer support for this cause.

How to Brain Detox:

There are a few ways that you can detox your brain in order to improve cognitive performance. One of the most common methods is with meditation, which has been shown time and again as an effective way to reduce stress in general but also specifically for improving concentration and attention span. A study showed that people who meditate actually experienced changes within their brains such as increased thickness of gray matter in regions associated with learning and memory. In addition, it’s suggested that avoiding foods rich in sugar may help support our mental health because “they increase inflammation.” Taking steps like these will keep us on top of our game all day long!

Healthy habits for a healthier brain?

One of the most common methods for detoxing your brain is through meditation. Studies have shown that people who meditate actually experienced changes in their brains such as increased thickness in regions associated with learning and memory. Additionally, it’s suggested that avoiding foods rich in sugar may help support our mental health because “they increase inflammation.” Taking steps like these will keep us on top of our game all day long!

One other way to stimulate cognitive performance is by getting enough sleep – studies show those who do get more than six hours per night are sharper thinkers, while eight or more hours can be too much since we need some downtime to process information from one day before moving onto the next. Other healthy habits, like being mindful about stressors and having a healthy work-life balance will also help us maintain good cognitive performance.

Get Rid of Your TV! The research is in on this one- a few hours watching television per day can increase our risk for developing depression or anxiety disorders as well as cognitive decline with age (due to increased stress levels). Not only that but we’re often consuming foods while viewing it which makes us less likely to eat healthier.

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Can I have a brain detox if I have a mental disorder?

YES! The treatment for depression is typically medication but it can also be guided imagery, meditation or cognitive therapy which all stimulate our brains in different ways and provide relief from symptoms such as anxiety or negative thoughts that are common with depressed moods.

Can I have a braindetox if I’m in the most stressful situation?

YES! The benefits of brain exercises not only help relieve depression symptoms but also reduce stress levels by helping decrease cortisol release which reduces anxiety.

Do all types of mental exercise work for everyone?

It depends on the person’s goals and what they are experiencing as well as their mood disorder diagnosis. For example people with Bipolar Disorder may benefit more from meditation than those who suffer from generalized anxiety disorders since Generalized Anxiety Disorders often respond better to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). But overall you should try a variety of different activities to see what works for you.

Do I need a brain detox if I suffer from overthinking?

If you experience overthinking or rumination, then yes. Brain detoxification can reduce the severity of those symptoms by helping to release excess dopamine and serotonin in your brain.

Do I need a brain detox if I’m struggling with depression?

Depression is more complex than just one type of cognitive impairment. If you are suffering from any form of mood disorder, it’s important that you have an assessment done first before starting on your own “brain detox.”

Can I have a brain detox in a busy work schedule?

YES! Brain detox can be done at any time of day or night, it is up to you when and where you would like to do your brain stimulation activities.

Books to read on brain detox:

The ultimate diet when you detox your brain:

There are no foods that can specifically cleanse your brain, but there is research to suggest we need a diet rich in certain nutrients. These include omega-three fatty acids found in fish and walnuts, folate which comes from leafy green vegetables like spinach, as well as antioxidants with citrus fruit or berries.

The ultimate cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) regimen

If you want to do CBT on your own without seeing an expert then try these tips:

First identify the negative thoughts you have about yourself by writing them down every time they occur for one week. Once identified break each thought into two parts -the facts and the interpretation of the situation based on those facts-. Ask yourself whether it’s really true? What evidence is there for this? What other explanations are there?

Next ask yourself what your thoughts tell you about the kind of person you are and then write down a more realistic idea, turning that negative thought into positive one.

Brain detox and neurolinguistic programming: are two therapies that can help.

In Brain Detox and neurolinguistic programming, the practitioner helps clients identify negative thoughts that they have about themselves. These thoughts are broken down into two parts: facts and interpretation of those events based on these facts (e.g., “I failed at this project because I’m not good enough”) or if it’s true? What evidence is there for this? What other explanations are there?).

Next ask yourself what your thoughts tell you about the kind of person you are and then write down a more realistic idea, turning that negative thought into positive one. Brain Detox helps people with a variety of problems: from addiction to self-confidence issues. Neurolinguistic programming focuses on much on the individual, so that they can identify what their needs are and how to help themselves.

The Brain Detox process:

  • First, clients must become aware of self-defeating thoughts through a variety of techniques such as simple questions like “Is this true?” or even – in some instances
  • filling out worksheets
  • Next, clients identify their thoughts and then substitute them with more positive ones
  • Finally, the therapist guides the client through visualization of succeeding in what they want. This helps to instill confidence that will last beyond just one session.

Brain Detox is not about “erasing” old memories or feelings but rather replacing them with positive ones that will last.

Brain Detox can help you to feel refreshed and uplifted, get more accomplished in a day or week, tap into hidden talents and abilities, be clearer about what you want out of life.”

The Brain Detox process is not quick but the results are lasting!

Brain detox and self love:

Brain detox is a way of self care and self love so , the therapist guides the client through visualization of succeeding in what they want. This helps to instill confidence that will last beyond just one session.

Benefits on work life:

Studies have shown that Brain Detox can help with these types of things at work:

  • Increased motivation
  • Greater clarity and focus
  • Reduced anxiety, worry, or depression.

Benefits in personal life:

Areas for improvement may include having more patience with children or a bossier attitude toward loved ones.

Research has also found that people are less depressed after completing the brain detox process.

These are just some examples of how this simple new treatment is helping to improve quality of life in many areas while allowing one’s true self to shine through! Brain Detox will allow you to be able to do what it takes without feeling drained afterwards which means we can all live our best lives possible 🙂 !

Brain detox and social skills:

It can help people with social skills. A lack of social skills is often due to an underlying mental health condition that may be related to anxiety or depression.

Social skill training, which helps someone develop their interpersonal communication and self awareness, could result in a more successful brain detox experience.

The process begins by identifying the individual’s emotional triggers which then allow them to identify what they need for themselves on a day-to-day basis. Once this has been established, each person will work through three steps – “brainstorming”, “ideation” and “action”. These steps are designed to help individuals understand how cognitive biases affect decision making as well as explore possible solutions.

Finally make sure to focus on how much control we have over our own thoughts; it’s important not to dwell too heavily but rather learn from them and let them go. As long as they’re not out of proportion or limiting (e.g., worrying all day) then think positively and try to solve any problems in a rational way before resorting to emotional responses which might be destructive.

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