The Truth About Apple Cider Vinegar Vs White Vinegar Is About To Be Revealed

by May 12, 2021

They might look, taste, and smell different but apple cider vinegar and white vinegar have a lot more differences than you think. They have similar benefits but each one can be used for specific reasons. Vinegar is definitely one of the most countertop available items in our kitchen which we use for different purposes. It’s sour, pungent, and acidic but most of us love using it as a salad dressing or as a cooking ingredient. Apple Cider Vinegar vs White Vinegar; let us find out more about these two types of vinegar.

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is made from apples. We get it from the fermentation process of apples. Basically, you can make vinegar from any fruit using this process and this is how it goes.

First, apples are sliced into thin slices and are covered with water. This allows the natural sugars of the fruit to get fermented which turns the mix into alcohol. This might sound similar to making wine but the difference is that at this point, bacteria is poured into the alcoholic mixture which makes it ferment for a second time. By doing this the alcohol converts into acidic acid which gives us apple cider vinegar.

So can you drink apple cider vinegar? Yes, you can but in very small amounts and preferably mixed with water. Some prefer using it as a salad dressing or as an ingredient to make food sauces. Nowadays, you can even consume it as gummies or pills. This for people who can’t stand its acidic taste. Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits including: weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels, reducing heart problems risks, and lowering blood sugar levels.

If you’re wondering whether to include it in your diet or not, the answer is, definitely yes.

What Is White Vinegar?

What Is White Vinegar?

White vinegar is probably more used than apple cider vinegar and the reason is that it tastes good as a salad dressing unlike the other which has a stronger taste. White vinegar has been used for thousands of years for different purposes.

Like ACV, white vinegar is used in cooking, cleaning, and even gardening as it gives amazing results in helping plants to grow.

In this article, we will show you some of the uses of white vinegar so you can use it safely. As we said before, vinegar contains acetic acid. Most white vinegar products contain around 4 to 7% of this acetic acid which makes it safe to use in the kitchen. You might find other vinegar products with up to 20% of acetic acid but these are only used for cleaning and gardening. It is dangerous to it in cooking.

You might ask yourself if ACV is made from apples, what is white vinegar made from? The process is the same which is fermentation and for thousands of years, people have been making it from potatoes, corn, sugar beets, and grains. Also, white vinegar can be made from any liquid which contains alcohol such as vodka or wine. They just have to go through a second fermentation process so that the alcohol converts to acetic acid.

Difference Between Apple Cider Vinegar And White Vinegar: Which Is Better?

Difference Between Apple Cider Vinegar And White Vinegar

What is the difference between Apple Cider Vinegar and White Vinegar? If we’re asking this question for cooking purposes, then each person has their own preferences. However, even in cooking apple cider and white vinegar have different uses. Unlike white vinegar, ACV has a strong taste as it’s made from apples which gives it an authentic aroma.

Kitchen-wise, white vinegar has been usually used for pickling foods and preserving them. It is also more used as a salad dressing with light-colored vegetables as it doesn’t leave stains on them like ACV. Unless you don’t mind, you can use ACV in any type of salad.

Let us discover some of the major differences between these two types of vinegar.


Both Apple Cider Vinegar and white vinegar can be used in cooking. We all love their taste in salads, pickles, and sauces. The main difference between the two kinds of vinegar when it comes to cooking is the color and taste. The taste really depends on your preference as I know some people who literally cannot stand ACV aroma while others love it.


Vinegar is one of the most efficient cleaning products that you can use over dirty surfaces. Since it’s made of acetic acid, it also kills bacteria which is useful for disinfecting surface areas. White vinegar is commonly used for this purpose, unlike ACV. The reason for that is that white vinegar whitens areas whereas ACV leaves brownish stains due to its color.

Distilled white vinegar is also perfect to use for cleaning as it leaves its beautiful scent which is perfect to use for cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen, and also the refrigerator. You can also use it for washing your clothes. Although it’s chemical-free it will whiten and clean your dirty clothes. Also, it is a great softener for clothes. You can use it by pouring a half cup of white vinegar into your washing machine cleaning compartment, and you don’t need to add any detergent to it. By doing this, you can get clean clothes but also save money as vinegar is very cheap.

However, on the other hand, ACV tends to be more expensive than white vinegar. SO if you are looking to save some money, white vinegar is the perfect option for you.

Medicinal Purposes

For medicinal purposes, apple cider vinegar seems to have an advantage over white vinegar. As we said before, ACV is a result of apples undergoing the fermentation process. ACV contains the “mother” enzyme whereas white vinegar doesn’t. But what is the “mother” enzyme? Remember that during the second fermentation step, bacteria are added into the mix to convert alcohol into acetic acid and this is what we call the mother enzyme. It contains numerous beneficial bacteria which gives ACV an advantage over white vinegar as it’s healthier.

There are many health benefits of ACV but here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Weight loss: Alongside a healthy diet, it is recommended to consume 2 tablespoons of ACV before eating. This will make your body burn fats faster which has been proved by many published studies.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Level: Taking 2 tablespoons of ACV in the morning helps your body in regulating blood sugar levels by reducing the glycemic response after eating. Moreover, it improves your insulin sensitivity.
  • Reduces Heart Risks: ACV contains alpha-linolenic acid, which is a type of omega-3 fatty acid. It is beneficial in fighting cardiovascular disorders. Furthermore, ACV lowers your blood pressure which is one of the major causes of heart disease.

This gives a clear advantage of ACV over distilled white vinegar.

Are White Vinegar And Apple Cider Vinegar Interchangeable?

Are White Vinegar And Apple Cider Vinegar Interchangeable?

White vinegar is perfect for cleaning surfaces in your house, pickling, or preserving meat. When it comes to white vinegar, you will find 2 available options in the supermarket: white spirit vinegar and white distilled vinegar. White spirit vinegar has a higher percentage of acetic acid which makes it perfect for cleaning.

On the other hand, ACV has a lower acetic acid rate than both types of white vinegar. This makes it less effective in areas where white vinegar gains victory. So it’s better to use ACV for those purposes only when you don’t have a choice.

White vinegar can be used as a salad dressing. As a matter of fact, the majority of people prefer it over ACV as it tastes better and much less strong than apple-based vinegar. However, it is recommended to use apple cider vinegar in this case since it has a lot more health benefits. Also, the higher acetic acid you consume, the less your body is able to retain food nutrients such as vitamins which could lead to various mineral deficiencies.

To keep it simple, use white vinegar for cleaning and pickling, and use ACV for cooking.

Can you Use White Vinegar Instead Of Apple Cider Vinegar In Cooking?

Yes, you definitely can do that. Although ACV is better in this department if you have no choice you can use white vinegar. Its taste and aroma are commonly more acceptable to people but the health benefits of ACV make it a better option.


I’m sure that after reading this article, you will spend more time trying to pick a bottle of apple cider vinegar from the supermarket while shopping.

White vinegar remains a better option for cleaning surfaces thanks to its high acetic acid rate while apple cider vinegar is perfect for cooking as it brings many health benefits.

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